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Alumi-Guаrd Deck Railing

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Treated Lumber Outlet (TLO) is your source for Alumi-Guard railing in Hampton Roads, Richmond and the Outer Banks.  TLO offers the full line of Alumi-Guard products including railings and fencing.  Complementing a variety of architectural styles, Alumi-Guard’s new Railing System safely guides pedestrians to their destinations.  Available in six standard colors, Alumi-Guard Railing fits a variety of commercial and residential applications and meets strict safety codes in all fifty states.  Constructed from the same high-grade quality aluminum used in Alumi-Guard Fence, the new Railing System is manufactured using cutting-edge techniques and is both durable and easy to install.  Alumi-Guard Railing meets most specifications – including pool code standards for hand railing. 

Alumiguard Color Guide

Alumi-Guard Railing Colors (click the image for a larger view)